Mission: To connect Semester at Sea Volunteers with K-12 schools and together promote the larger SAS mission: to provide a transformational learning experience that emphasizes global exchange and awareness and helps participants develop the knowledge and perspective necessary to promote greater understanding of all cultures and peoples.

Emily Tomich Photos

Each fall and spring K-12 teachers are invited to link their classrooms and experience Semester at Sea through the Vicarious Voyage program. Since being instituted during the Fall 1991 SAS voyage, more than 45,000 K-12 students in over 1,500 classrooms across the nation have participated in the Vicarious Voyage program. Many of those students have since gone on to college and sailed on a Semester at Sea voyage!

Enrollment Information:

It is not necessary to enroll in Vicarious Voyage to enjoy the benefits of this site. However, our program also offers a more personalized experience where each teacher/classroom is partnered with a volunteer on the ship from before departure to after the voyage. These partnerships serve to facilitate a more intimate experience for the students as well as a connection to each teacher’s curriculum needs.

If you are a K-12 teacher and are interested in applying for a partnership in Vicarious Voyage for an upcoming semester, please click here.

If you are a Voyager and would like to volunteer for Vicarious Voyage for your upcoming voyage, please click here.

Comments from previous Teachers and Classroom Students:EmilyT-1843 copy

“My class has been tracking the route of the voyage. They have really enjoyed learning about the history and heritage of the different ports. We’ve discussed map skills and reading a compass rose.” – Teacher

“This program provides them with the opportunity to “travel” to places most of them know very little about.  They are able to hear about and see cultures different from their own lives and experiences.” – Teacher

“This experience has opened the world up for my students.  They were more interested in maps and always asking about how people are different in other parts of the world.” – Teacher

“Any time students learn more about the world they live in can be a lasting experience.  The more they learn about others, the more tolerant and  open minded they become.” – Teacher

“These “Voyages” have provided excitement and education for numerous students in my classrooms over the years.” – Teacher

“Dear Emily,

My name is Lily. I’m the one in class that always asks, “Did we get an email from Emily yet?” I love hearning about your trips. They are very exciting! My favorite places you’ve been so far are Vietnam , India, Ghana, and South Africa. I have always wanted to visit India and the Taj Mahal. When we get your emails, I always say to myself, “Wow, I want to do this!” I am 11 years old. If you could, would you do semester at sea again? If so, would you want to go to the same ports or different ports? I am excited to see you when you come to visit!


Lily” – Middle School Student


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